YOU ARE HERE Curriculum

     Every community can now teach their own unique local history! Adults and high school students can easily use You Are Here: A Guide to Learning Local History Anywhere to teach and learn Local History.

     You Are Here: A Guide to Learning Local History Anywhere is process-driven, differentiated curriculum for the study of Language Arts and Social Studies. You Are Here offers thirteen detailed activities for students to employ research, literacy, and social studies process skills. Inquiry-based activities challenge students to work independently and collaboratively. Creativity is encouraged throughout, and the integration of subjects is truly seamless. These curriculum materials are easy for teachers to use and easy to integrate into existing courses. Adults who are interested in knowing more about their hometowns will find You Are Here to be a fun and easy process to learning their own Local History.

     You Are Here challenges students and teachers to engage technology without forsaking traditional books and paper resources. History lessons are scattered in endless primary and secondary sources that are not highly accessible on the Internet, and those lessons can be gathered and processed in endless meaningful ways. You Are Here will lead you to credible resources for teaching and learning Local History.

     Use the best practices of education to create a student-driven course to discover Local History. With the thoughtful use of this innovative resource, Local History should no longer be neglected. The lessons of Local History are now within the grasp of everyone!


You Are Here: Guides to Learning Local History Anywhere

Kathryn J. Shurden Author

Mandy D. Brumley, Editor

​© 2016

Student Guide ISBN 978-0-9907010-4-0

50 pages, 8 1/2" x 11 1/2"

eBook $56

Teacher Guide ISBN 978-0-9907010-3-3

116 pages, 8 1/2" x 11 1/2"

eBook $76

SUBJECT: Local History