YOU ARE HERE Curriculum

Kathryn J. Shurden is a perpetual student of history with a passion for helping people learn about the historic places, events, and people who built their communities and how that history shapes who we are today.

Kathryn's first book, Every Place Has a Story: A Guide to Learning Local History in Oklahoma was soon followed by her national book for teaching and learning Local History, You Are Here: A Guide to Learning Local History Anywhere. With the publication of her first graphic history book, From Many Nations to Oklahoma Statehood in Three, Two, One, she offers readers an entertaining trip along Oklahoma's complicated path to statehood.

Kathryn J. Shurden

Kathryn's background is in broadcast journalism, but she moved to teaching

after earning her Master's Degree in Education from Oklahoma State University.

She taught communications and leadership courses at Oklahoma State University's

Okmulgee campus before creating curriculum for teaching History.


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