YOU ARE HERE CURRICULUM offers powerful ways to

discover the history surrounding you right now. History is not

abstract - it is all around you! Begin here - where you are

standing right now. Look back in time at the buildings, places,

events, and people who built your community and you will

build a foundation to learn about yourself.

     Our latest book, From Many Nations to Oklahoma Statehood

in Three, Two, One, brings the enormously popular graphic

novel genre to Oklahoma History. The captivating, full-color

book features historic sites in Oklahoma and students seeking

answers to the story of Oklahoma's complicated path to


     Our Local History book just for Oklahoma, Every Place Has a

Story, will guide you on a journey to learn your own Local

History anywhere in the state, and better understand state

history, national history, and world history. This student-driven

learning guide details thirteen activities to span an entire

semester of a Local History course.

     You don't have to be in Oklahoma to love and learn your Local

History. Even community can now teach their own unique Local

History with eBooks You Are Here: Guides to Learning Local

History Anywhere. Anyone interested in knowing more about

their hometowns will find You Are Here to be a fun and easy

process to learning their own Local History. The lessons of Local

History are now within the grasp of everyone!

Book Details


Book Details

History will have a

personal meaning for you

when you begin with 

your neighborhood, your

community, and your country.

You are an heir of the

ideas, values, and

traditions resulting from

the events in your own


You are in the perfect

place to being learning

about them now.

Let us show you how!

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YOU ARE HERE Curriculum